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Fran is a gifted pastry chef whose modern vegan desserts showcase her unique experience in both traditional and professional kitchens. She is an excellent teacher and plant-based leader.

Tal Ronnen, Chef and Best Selling Author

Fran is my go-to resource for learning about vegan desserts. Her recipes are incredible, and her skills as a pastry chef are second to none. She is an incredible teacher, and will help you make mind blowing sweet treats for your friends and family.

Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl, The Blender Girl Smoothies, The Perfect Blend, and The Detox Dynamo Cleanse

Fran Costigan is responsible for one of THE best chocolate cakes we've ever tasted in our lives...which just happened to be vegan. She is an extraordinary talent.

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, Award Winning Authors, The Flavor Bible, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible and upcoming Kitchen Creativity

I count Fran as a highly esteemed colleague in the vegan culinary world. Her expertise and sweets are in a league of their own. Chef Fran is a highly respected advisory board member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, which I chaired, as well as a talented creative. She is meticulous about her teaching and recipes — in fact Chef Jorge and I surprised her as attendees in one of her classes. The class was organized, detailed oriented, fast paced, tasty and fun. The delicious results of the recipes surprised the many non-vegan students. Anyone, anywhere who can take a course with Chef Fran is in for a lot of learning - Your life will be sweeter.

Joy Pierson, Nutritionist, Co-Founder, Candle Cafe, Candle 79, Candle Cafe West

I was fortunate enough to complement my studies during my Chef Training at Natural Gourmet Institute by taking Fran's Vegan Baking Bootcamp. It was life changing, the very foundation to what I am doing professionally today. I am still amazed with Fran's vast knowledge of ingredients, techniques and capacity to foresee the outcomes. Her attention to detail and willingness to share has been above any instructors I've met, and an inspiration to me. As the opening chef at the Gentle Gourmet Cafe in Paris, Fran was my go-to baking troubleshooter. Her desserts are the best I’ve ever tasted, and I look forward to share some of her teachings in Brazil, in my new bar and restaurant, Teva.

Daniel Biron, Executive Chef and owner, Teva Bar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I loved to bake as a hobby, had no commercial experience but dreamed of opening a vegan bakery. I signed up for Chef Costigan’s Vegan Baking Bootcamp for fun, not expecting to learn so much in one week. It was intense, rigorous, fantastic. Fran taught execution, organization and the science behind baking. She's an organized teacher who truly cares for her students. I consider Fran Costigan one of the mentors who helped pave the way to my dream of opening P.S. & Co., the first and only 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan cafe, bakery, juice bar in Philadelphia.

Andrea Kyan, Owner, Pure Sweets & Co, Philadelphia, PA

I came into Fran's Vegan Baking Boot Camp as a professional vegan baker in NYC, and I left with plenty of new information and skills to take home with me. Fran's extensive knowledge of vegan pastry shined through with every day of class: she is a thorough, skilled lecturer and always worked to make sure her students understood the concepts and were getting the most out of the course. The week was action packed, and my group had students from all over the world with a wide range of skill levels. I would recommend Fran's classes to anyone, from curious home bakers to seasoned professionals.

Maddy Strassler, Pastry Chef, Angelica Kitchen, New York City, NY

My husband and I founded and operate Breads On Oak, a bakery & café in New Orleans in 2012. We offered a few vegan pastries but enrolled in Fran Costigan’s Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive wanting to expand & improving our selection. This course was undoubtedly one of the best things we did for our business; intense and packed with information we sought. Chef Fran was completely organized, detailed, passionate and knowledgeable in every aspect of vegan baking. Looking back at how much fun we had, and how much we learned, was one of those “I don’t believe it” moments. Fran is one of the few top instructors that can manage that so expertly.

Chef Sean O’Mahony and Chamain O’Mahony, Owners, Breads on Oak Bakery and Café, New Orleans, LA

I took Fran’s “Vegan Baking Bootcamp” in 2016. Fran built a thorough curricula of baking techniques ranging from gels, creams, and puddings through cookies, cakes, and pies. All of her recipes were well tested and easily understood, resulting in thoroughly satisfying deserts that I would match up against any traditionally baked competition. In addition to the recipes, Fran taught important baking skills such as choosing sweeteners, testing your components, working with chocolate, and plating and decorating in an appealing manner. I am a much better baker thanks to Fran’s class, and was motivated to expand my cooking education through Rouxbe's online platform.

Scott Porter, Avid Home Cook and Culinary Explorer, Sunderland, MD