Essential Vegan Desserts

90-day online course
Class starts November 29th
Tuition is $499.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What or who is Rouxbe?  
Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (“ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online culinary school. Rouxbe’s instructor-guided certification cooking courses offer an effective, lower-cost alternative to traditional culinary education programs for students of all levels and for all styles of cooking. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform delivers cutting-edge e-learning solutions that drive engagement and measure learning outcomes while teaching people the fundamentals of cooking as part of a larger lifestyle and preventative health efforts.
Q Are there age requirements for enrollment?  
No. There are no age requirements. Rouxbe has successfully instructed people of all ages around the world to be better cooks.
Q Are there any prerequisites or requirements to take this course?  
While there are no formal prerequisites, Rouxbe does have expectations that our students are active learners, have the desire to take the time to cook each week, and are self-motivated and excited to learn new subject matter. You will get the most out of this course if you practice regularly, which means there will be plenty of food to cook and share.
Q What is your cancellation policy?  
Once you have paid the tuition for this course, 25% of it becomes immediately nonrefundable. As for refunding the balance, we understand that sometimes unfortunate circumstances beyond your control that may require you to withdraw from the course (e.g., an accident or medical condition). We of course want to be supportive during these situations, so we will work with you individually if such a circumstance occurs within the first week of your course. However, seven days after the course begins, we offer no refunds.
Q What type of support do I get with this course?  
We pride ourselves on providing students the support they need to become better, more confident cooks. There are many opportunities for interaction, engagement, and support throughout your course. As an instructor-guided course, you will have an opportunity to interact with our instructors in multiple ways. This includes regular live online Q&A sessions for our student community. Additionally, there are discussion forums to engage with classmates and your Rouxbe instructional team.
Q Do I have access to the content after the time limit?  
We will be proud to see you graduate and receive your Certificate of Completion to hang proudly on your wall! If you need some extra time to finish your course you can purchase a one-month extension for just $39.99. This way you can take the extra time you need to complete the course and receive your certificate. If this is not feasible, or you are not concerned about receiving a Certificate of Completion, you will continue to have access to your course for as long as you wish. You just won't be able to take the quizzes or upload assignments to our instructors for feedback. As an added incentive, as a course graduate, you will have the opportunity to purchase a heavily discounted Rouxbe General Membership. Our general membership is $9.99. As a benefit of being a successful graduate, all you'd have to pay is the $4.99 per month. As a general member, you will have access to 100's of instructional video recipes, lessons, courses, assessments, and of course, continued access to your purchased course and fellow student community. Professional level and other partner courses, are NOT part of general membership. Therefore the credit is not applicable to these offerings. You can cancel anytime.
Q What is the passing grade?  
A passing grade is 75%, something we are confident can be accomplished easily, as we will set you up for success in this course. Leave it to us to get you inspired and cooking. We support you the whole way through!
Q How do I pay for the course?  
You pay for the entire course tuition at registration time, using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
Q How many hours per week should I expect to spend in this Vegan Desserts Course?  
Most students should expect to spend approximately 7 hours per week in the course. Since the course is 90 days in duration (3 months), you can plan your time accordingly so some weeks may take more or less time.
Q I live outside of North America. Can I still take this course?  
Yes. Rouxbe teaches students in over 180 countries around the world, so there should be no issues with accessing the course from wherever you are, assuming your Internet connection is sufficient.
Q Is the program self-paced, or do I have to complete certain assignments on specific dates?  
The program is self-paced, meaning there are no specific dates to submit assignments or attend class. The course is available to you 24/7 from any high-speed Internet device. So you can plan your curriculum work around your schedule. The only limitation is that you must complete the course within 90 days of the start (or get an extension to complete it).
Q I have allergies and/or special dietary needs. Can I still take this course?  
Sure, as long as you understand that you are signing up for a Vegan Desserts Course. As such, the activities and assignments in the course make extensive use of foods like sugar, fat/oil, various flours, chocolate, nuts, seeds, fruits, and an array of other foods. All recipes are cholesterol-free and white sugar-free, but granulated and liquid sweeteners are used. While this is not a course that focuses on health supportive desserts (no sugar, gluten free), it will have activities that offer limited instruction on these topics.
Q How will I learn from Chef Fran Costigan and the other Rouxbe instructors?  
Fran Costigan, the lead instructor in this course, and the other Rouxbe instructors will be part of your learning as you progress in the course. You will receive comments, grades and specific feedback on practical learning activities and have an opportunity to ask questions at Live webcast events (recorded for playback).
Q Will I need to purchase any unique ingredients or special equipment for this Vegan Desserts Course?  
No. The course will use common ingredients and food products that can be found in most supermarkets and from online retailers. Likewise, the course will use standard baking and pastry equipment and tools such as bowls, sheet pans, blender, cake pans, and mixing and measuring tools. A full equipment list will be made available for enrolled students before the class start date.
Q Is there a time limit to complete this course?  
Yes, students have 90 days to satisfactorily complete all activities and pass the course. The course is self-paced and available to you 24/7 from any high-speed internet device.

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